Massage Treatments

Heather will discuss your treatment with you beforehand and will tailor the treatment to meet your individual needs.

The Reverie Massage – Nurturing and Relaxing

 Be transported to tranquillity as you are gently and rhythmically massaged and softly stretched into relaxation. A gentle treatment combining soft strokes and kneading.

40 Minutes – £45.00    60 Minutes – £65.00    90 Minutes – £85.00

 The Restorative Massage– Deep  and Therapeutic

Let our holistic therapist address your sore muscles and aches with this beneficial massage that combines deep tissue work with soft strokes to help you de-stress, unwind and loosen those tight muscles.

40 Minutes – £45.00    60 Minutes – £65.00    90 Minutes – £85.00

Bamboo Woods Massage– Passford House Signature Treatment

 Bamboo sticks are gently warmed and integrated into your bespoke massage treatment. Using unique strokes(kneading, rolling, criss-cross) our in-house massage therapist will glide warm bamboo over your body to help to release tension, promote circulation, stretch muscles, encourage lymphatic drainage and bring about a general sense of calm. Choose your preference of light medium or deep pressure for the ultimate Passford house Hotel massage Please note: Due to the nature of preparation, the bamboo woods massage must be booked in advance

 60 Minutes – £65.00    90 Minutes – £85.00

Simply Stones Massage

 Heated basalt lave stones are rubbed over your body from top-to-toe, melting your muscles into relaxation and bringing about an instant sense of nurturing and calm. A decadent and pampering treatment that contains both therapeutic and deeply-relaxing qualities. A true indulgence of the senses.

60 Minutes – £65.00    90 Minutes – £85.00

 Water Reflections at Bamboo Woods Massage – Passford House Signature Treatment

 Combining shimmering pebbles, bursts of colour, edged with earthy bamboo. His lake has become synonymous worldwide as an oasis of calm and tranquillity. Basalt lava stones, semi-precious colourful crystal and bamboo are gently heated and integrated into your treatment for the most luxurious massage.

 120 Minutes – £125.00


Ayurvedic Face-Lift Facial

An exotic treatment that is both therapeutic and beautifying. This holistic facial uses ancient time proven massage techniques that combine pressure points and gentle massage to stimulate the muscles, improve tone, elasticity, circulation and create an overall sense of well being. This facial purely uses massage techniques and does not involve the use of skin care products.  

40 Minutes – £45.00    60 Minutes – £65.00