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‘Even when you’re on the go, a taste of Passford is never far away. Picnic lunches are available for all those looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Just speak to one of us on reception the evening before your day trip and we can arrange everything for you.’

General Manager

A land for all seasons

Forget the Battle of Hastings, 1066 and the Bayeux Tapestry. He may have gone down in history for the Norman Invasion but it is for creating the New Forest in 1079 that we think William the Conqueror should be remembered.

Of course, it’s no longer ‘new’ and, in many ways, the open heathland is as much of a draw as the wooded areas – but for everyone at Passford it’s still the best forest around. ‘The New Forest is the first place I imagine when I think of the English countryside,’ says the hotel's owner. ‘Guests fall in love not with its patches of woodland but its wide-open spaces, ornamental drives, time-weathered bushes and the fact that life stops momentarily when ponies take to the road.’

We never tire of hearing about our guests’ adventures. The Forest means so much to so many different people. For many, it’s simply the sound of crossing a cattle grid that makes them feel on holiday. For others, it’s the cricket on Nomansland’s village green, watching the deer at Bolderwood or even just enjoying a leisurely drink at the Red Shoot Inn. One thing’s for certain, the New Forest provides a much-needed breath of fresh air you cannot afford to miss.