The Passford House Hotel – A Brief History

Passford House Hotel may be close to the action, but when you first set eyes on this 16th Century house, you will be struck by the peace and tranquillity to be found in this quiet corner of England.

Passford House was formerly the home of Lord and Lady Arthur Cecil, Queen Victoria’s private secretary. The Cecil family being part of the Exeter and Salisbury families.

Lord and Lady Arthur Cecil were here until 1939 when they moved to Cranbourne in Dorset.

They sold it to a couple named Kenyon-Muir who sold it again in 1947 to a family named Mr and Mrs Carter who ran it until 1961 as a hotel with some suites of rooms for retired gentle folk.

From 1961 until 1968 it was owned by Mrs Phyllis Lee-Duncan the previous owner of the Royal Bath Hotel Bournemouth, and in 1968 Mr and Mrs Patrick Heritage purchased it and owned it for 27 years.

In November 1995 Ian Hudleston became the proud owner.

The South Wing was completed in 1972 and the North Wing in 1987.

The original building dates back to 1500 AD and is approximately 400 years old.

The name Passford House is derived from the fact that the house lay by an old ford and what is now the driveway used to be the main road between Lymington and Sway and was used as a coaching stop.
Hence:…..Pass the Ford…..